Benefits of Investing via Valcreate

Pedigreed Investment Team

The core-investments team has over 5 decades of fund management experience in India's leading AMCs (including HDFC, ICICI, Kotak and L&T).

Robust Investment Approach

The Investment Approach (Philosophy & Processes) developed over decades comprises the best-practices of leading institutional fund management firms.

Attractive Investment Options

We offer attractive & differentiated investment options for our investors, carefully curated to ensure optimal risk-adjusted returns across each strategy.

Highly Pedigreed Investment Team

The core investments team, comprises 2 senior Fund Managers both of whom have over 2 decades of investing experience at some of India's leading AMCs

Rajesh Pherwani Profile

Rajesh Pherwani

Fund Manager of Valcreate strategies. Over 25 years of investing experience, including HDFC Ltd, HDFC AMC and L&T AMC.

Ashi Profile 2

Ashi Anand

Fund Manager of IME strategies. Over 20 years of fund-management experience, including at ICICI Pru PMS, Kotak AMC & Allegro.

The core investments team, is well-supported by a team of dedicated research-analysts, operations & compliance personnel.

Robust Investment Approach

At Valcreate, we follow a highly rigorous & extensive investment approach, that includes our GQV Investment Philosophy and a highly rigorous investment process.

GQV Investment Philosophy

We follow a clearly-defined investment philosophy, that defines the quantitative & qualitative aspects that we consider as part of our stock selection criteria. This philosophy helps ensure that we buy only fast-growing high-quality companies that are available at reasonable valuations. 

Rigorous Investment Processes

Our investment processes leverages our core investments team 5+ decades of experience in top institutional AMC’s, and includes amongst the most rigorous documentation in the industry, proprietary research tools and clearly defined stock selection & portfolio construction  processes. 

Attractive Investment Options

At Valcreate, we offer our investors specialised & differentiated investment solutions, that comprise investment strategies that offer attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Concentrated Equity Portfolios

Valcreate Growing India

A flexi-cap (no market-cap bias) investment approach, that builds a concentrated portfolio for investors with a focus on core growth themes of the Indian Economy.

IME Concentrated Micro-trends

A Large & Mid-cap investment approach, that builds a concentrated portfolio with focused exposures to key value-generating micro-trends.

Thematic Equity Portfolios

Valcreate Lifesciences & Speciality Opp

A thematic portfolio, focused on Life-sciences & Speciality Opportunities (investments will be focused on the pharma, healthcare, chemicals & other innovation-led companies).

IME Digital Disruption

A thematic portfolio, that will invest Exclusively in Digital Platforms that are focused on disruption of existing business models. Unlike other strategies, this strategy will invest only on digital disrupters (and not in traditional firms using digital to augment their business).

Customised (Bespoke) Portfolios

Bespoke Equity Offerings

Equity portfolios that are custom-built to individual client requirements. 

Bespoke Wealth Offerings

Wealth portfolios (comprising investments in MF’s, ETF’s, REITs etc) that are custom built to individual client requirements. 

*Customised portfolios subject to a minimum starting investment of Rs. 10 cr

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