About Us


Valcreate Investment Managers LLP (Valcreate) was founded in 2017 by Rajesh Pherwani, and awarded a Portfolio Management Services (PMS) license on 5-Apr-2018. Valcreate strategies were run on the Valcreate PMS platform between 2018-2021, and briefly run on a partner-PMS platform in 2021. 

In Oct-2022 Valcreate was awarded a fresh PMS license (INP000007599) and also saw a significant strengthening of it’s core investment team with Ashi Anand joining as a strategic partner. 

Our Investment Team

With 2 senior CIO’s (each with over 20 years of investing experience in top institutional AMC’s), Valcreate has amongst the strongest investment teams in the PMS industry. 

Rajesh Pherwani - CIO (Valcreate Strategies)

Rajesh Pherwani is a seasoned investments professional, with 25+ years of research & fund management experience at top-AMC’s (including HDFC Ltd, HDFC AMC and L&T AMC). Rajesh worked as a senior equity analyst at HDFC Ltd & HDFC AMC between 1996-2004, post which he joined L&T AMC as Head of Research and Fund Manager between 2012-2016. Rajesh has been managing Valcreate Strategies since 2016. Across his investment career, Rajesh has been successful in identifying attractive investment opportunites at an early stage. 

Ashi Anand - CIO (IME Strategies)

Ashi Anand is a seasoned fund manager, with over 2 decades of fund management experience at top-AMC’s (including ICICI-Pru, Kotak and Allegro). Ashi’s fund management career includes 5 years at ICICI-Pru PMS, 8 years at Kotak Investment Advisors & 3 years at Allegro Capital. Ashi has generated consistent outperformance over the past 2 decades across a wide range of investment strategies & market conditions, leveraging a micro-trend focused approach towards investing. 

Our core investments team, is well-supported by a team of dedicated research analysts, operations & compliance personnel.

Our Investment Teams Track Record

Our investment team has delivered sustained outperformance to the benchmarks, across strategies managed.