About Us


Valcreate Investment Managers LLP (Valcreate) was founded in 2017 by Rajesh Pherwani, and awarded a Portfolio Management Services (PMS) license on 5-Apr-2018. Valcreate strategies were run on the Valcreate PMS platform between 2018-2021, and briefly run on a partner-PMS platform in 2021. During the peak of Covid in 2020, Valcreate strategies became no.1 pole position in the one year category for many months within the PMS industry. In Oct-2022 Valcreate was awarded a new PMS license (INP000007599) and also saw a significant strengthening of it’s core investment team with Ashi Anand, another industry veteran joining as a strategic partner. Today Valcreate has an enviable track record and manages multiple client accounts under various portfolio strategies.

Our Investment Team

With 2 senior fund managers (together with over 45 years of investing experience in top institutional AMC’s), Valcreate has amongst the strongest investment teams in the PMS industry. 

Rajesh Pherwani - Fund Manager (Valcreate Strategies)

Rajesh Pherwani is a seasoned investments professional, with 27+ years of research & fund management experience at top-AMC’s (including HDFC Ltd, HDFC AMC and L&T AMC). Rajesh worked as a senior equity analyst at HDFC Ltd & HDFC AMC between 1996-2004, post which he joined L&T AMC as Head of Research and Fund Manager between 2012-2016. His track record as an analyst includes many multibagger picks on the back of strong sectoral specialisation and his fund schemes were all top quartile during his stint as a fund manager. In 2017, Rajesh founded Valcreate Investment Managers LLP and set it up as a SEBI registered portfolio management firm in 2018. Under Rajesh, Valcreate strategies became no.1 in 2020 among all PMSs during the most difficult Covid phase. Today Valcreate has an enviable track record and manages multiple client accounts under various portfolio strategies. Rajesh has been regularly appearing in news channel interviews and has been quoted by multiple newspapers on his views.

Ashi Anand - Fund Manager (IME Strategies)

Ashi Anand is a seasoned fund manager, with over 2 decades of fund management experience at top-AMC’s (including ICICI-Pru, Kotak and Allegro). Ashi’s fund management career includes 5 years at ICICI-Pru PMS, 8 years at Kotak Investment Advisors & 3 years at Allegro Capital. Ashi has generated consistent outperformance over the past 2 decades across a wide range of investment strategies & market conditions, leveraging a micro-trend focused approach towards investing. 

Our core investments team, is well-supported by a team of dedicated research analysts, operations & compliance personnel.

Our Investment Teams Track Record

Our investment team has delivered sustained outperformance to the benchmarks, across strategies managed.