US – How Technology Created Wealth in the US

In our previous blog, we explored the journey of multi-sided platforms, dissecting their stages of network creation, consumer behaviour influence, monetization strategies, and the resultant superlative profits and value generation. Today, we pivot to examine the origins of these innovative businesses, tracing their roots back to the heart of the US tech scene. We’ll delve … Read more

Discovering the Power of Platform Businesses

Part 1: Understanding the Platform Businesses In the digital age, the concept of multi-sided platforms has revolutionized the business landscape. From tech giants like Apple and Google to emerging players like Ola and Swiggy, the power of network effects has reshaped how companies operate and thrive in today’s interconnected world. At the heart of these … Read more

India’s Digital Journey – Enabling Commerce

We pick up India’s Digital Journey exactly where we left off from our previous blog. We touched upon the astronomical rise of UPI in India. In this blog, we delve into how it enabled commerce and look into a consumer’s journey in the digital ecosystem. Fintech Within no time, India has become a torchbearer of … Read more

India’s Digital Journey – The Roots

India is experiencing a seismic shift as we embrace the digital era, redefining how a billion-plus population lives, works, and connects. Through a series of blog posts, we will dive deep into this journey and the implications of the same in various sectors. We also look into how new-age digital companies are strong beneficiaries. India … Read more