Valcreate Philosophy and Performance

Rajesh Pherwani | November 1, 2020

Stock picking backed by strong in-house GRO process Valcreate follows the in-house GRO process with a focus on 4 pillars of investing- Growth, Return on Investment, and Ownership in the context of Val … Read more

The great undoing – did we predict it?

Rajesh Pherwani | March 31, 2020

As I have been restricted to the confines of my home due to COVID-19 restrictions, I got some time to revisit some of the statements I made in the previous 2 newsletters. Two statements clearly stood … Read more

The Right Panacea – How our Honourable FM’s measures could kickstart growth

Rajesh Pherwani | September 21, 2019

India’s Finance Minister has been making regular announcements on TV every Friday. Each time, she addressed issues to revive the economy and industry. With GDP at a 7-year low of 5% in Q1FY20, manufac … Read more

Election results – What they could do to markets

Rajesh Pherwani | May 31, 2019

The biggest event in the last 5 years (due to arrive in April) is the 17th Lok Sabha elections. On the cusp of this event, we have witnessed a lot of apprehensions amongst investors on what could be t … Read more