US – How Technology Created Wealth in the US

Ashi Anand | April 12, 2024

In our previous blog, we explored the journey of multi-sided platforms, dissecting their stages of network creation, consumer behaviour influence, monetization strategies, and the resultant superlativ … Read more

Discovering the Power of Platform Businesses

Ashi Anand | March 27, 2024

Part 1: Understanding the Platform Businesses In the digital age, the concept of multi-sided platforms has revolutionized the business landscape. From tech giants like Apple and Google to emerging pla … Read more

India’s Digital Journey – Enabling Commerce

Ashi Anand | February 21, 2024

We pick up India’s Digital Journey exactly where we left off from our previous blog. We touched upon the astronomical rise of UPI in India. In this blog, we delve into how it enabled commerce and look … Read more

India’s Digital Journey – The Roots

Ashi Anand | January 24, 2024

India is experiencing a seismic shift as we embrace the digital era, redefining how a billion-plus population lives, works, and connects. Through a series of blog posts, we will dive deep into this jo … Read more

QGV Investment Philosophy Explained

Ashi Anand | August 25, 2023

At Valcreate, company selection is driven by Valcreate’s GQV Investment framework, which defines the quantitative & qualitative aspects (focus on business growth, quality & valuations) we cons … Read more

Microtrends: What are they & a few past case studies

Ashi Anand | July 31, 2023

Economic landscapes are rarely static. Adapting to varying economic conditions is a hallmark of seasoned investors. The most successful investments are strategically positioned to navigate through dif … Read more

FY22 Union Budget Review

Rajesh Pherwani | February 1, 2022

Dear all, Would like to share with you our short opinion on the Budget by Rajesh Pherwani – In my investment career spanning more than 2 decades, I have witnessed every Budget’s obsession with fiscal … Read more

Great Budget during difficult times – Quick view

Rajesh Pherwani | February 1, 2021

The Budget has been full of green ticks for us as investors. We are clearly getting what we wanted Productive expenditure by the Government and a lesser burden on the common man to raise revenues. For … Read more

Valcreate Philosophy and Performance

Rajesh Pherwani | November 1, 2020

Stock picking backed by strong in-house GRO process Valcreate follows the in-house GRO process with a focus on 4 pillars of investing- Growth, Return on Investment, and Ownership in the context of Val … Read more

The great undoing – did we predict it?

Rajesh Pherwani | March 31, 2020

As I have been restricted to the confines of my home due to COVID-19 restrictions, I got some time to revisit some of the statements I made in the previous 2 newsletters. Two statements clearly stood … Read more