FY22 Union Budget Review

Dear all, Would like to share with you our short opinion on the Budget by Rajesh Pherwani – In my investment career spanning more than 2 decades, I have witnessed every Budget’s obsession with fiscal deficit and subsidies. However, the tide has turned over the last few years. The fact that this budget is focused … Read more

Great Budget during difficult times – Quick view

The Budget has been full of green ticks for us as investors. We are clearly getting what we wanted Productive expenditure by the Government and a lesser burden on the common man to raise revenues. For many years in the history of my investment career (24 years and counting), I heard economists and the investing … Read more

Valcreate Philosophy and Performance

Stock picking backed by strong in-house GRO process Valcreate follows the in-house GRO process with a focus on 4 pillars of investing- Growth, Return on Investment, and Ownership in the context of Valuations. This has been the hallmark of investing and helps identify companies with earnings trails as well as high-quality business at acceptable valuations. … Read more

The great undoing – did we predict it?

As I have been restricted to the confines of my home due to COVID-19 restrictions, I got some time to revisit some of the statements I made in the previous 2 newsletters. Two statements clearly stood out from my Jan 2020 newsletter titled “Liquidity bubble and pockets of value” “Welcome to the new year. 2019 … Read more